My Story

Meet Bridget Cullen

  • Christian mom of 3 boys 
  • Lover of yoga, our dogs and the lake
  • Executive Director of the Cullen Children’s Foundation 

How it started

I have always believed in the value of a healthy lifestyle.  I love to garden, be outdoors, and love the changes of seasons. My whole life I’ve tried to eat healthy and exercise, always trying to pay close attention to what I was putting in my body. I didn’t, however, pay close attention to what I was putting on my body.  I never put a lot of thought into what ingredients were in my beauty or skincare products. As I started looking closer at the ingredients other skincare products contained, I was so surprised to find they were full of chemicals, additives and fragrances.  I decided I wanted to try to make a super clean, natural and organic lip product.  I began researching, reading, and playing around in my kitchen trying to make the perfect lip remedy. I use only the purest organic oils, butters and essential oils. After much trial and error, I’ve got a final formula I love and am excited to share the results.